New Mom Tip #1

January 23, 2017

free-floral-banner-graphics-fptfy-3In all my baby books and online baby articles that I had read, they all said that it was oh-so important to wash all baby clothes, blankets, sheets, hats, socks, etc. with baby laundry detergent before you bring baby home from the hospital. So, that’s what I did !
Unfortunately, however, we recieved more 0-3 month clothes than my baby could ever possibly wear and not many of other sizes.  And since I washed all the clothes as I got them, all tags were cut off. He had been growing out of clothes before he even got a chance to wear them once !

My advice : Only wash about 5-7 outfits before baby comes home! That way for at least 5 days after coming home from the hospital you won’t have to do any laundry. But really, newborns aren’t very messy besides the random nasty diaper blow-outs. And for my son those outfits that were blown up in were then just trash as the stains DID NOT come out. Those early days you don’t really have to change their clothes every single day, either. Then you can take the tags off and wash clothes as you need them. We also got so many newborn clothes that my son didn’t even fit in after a couple days because he was a giant baby. He was wearing size 3 months at just a month old.

Between hand-me-downs we got from coworkers and siblings and all the new clothes from friends and family, I think I only bought one or two outfits for my baby the first 9 months!
And if you are attending someones baby shower and want to give them clothes, make sure you keep the tags on, include the gift receipt and try getting clothes 6-9 months and up. I understand how adorable and easy it is to get newborn clothes, but most likely that is what everyone else is thinking too! Try going up a few sizes, the mother will sure appreciate it down the road!


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