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Preschooler-approved snacks

February 2, 2017
kid snack ideas

So I see a lot of posts about toddler-approved snacks and for my son, he ate everything┬áthat was put in front of him when he was a toddler. He was not picky at all. When he was about 1 1/2 his favorite food was Indian. So… now that he is 4 and he thinks he is the boss, we have a harder time now trying to keep this kid happy with snack options !He still really isn’t a “picky eater” compared to most but if it was up to him, he would live on yogurt, cheese, applesauce and candy.

So for you parents out there that may need some snack inspirations for your boss, I mean, preschooler…. here ya go…

  1. Peanut butter on apple slices, crackers, bananas or celery- my son likes to be in control of everything so he likes to spread the peanut butter himself. It is terribly messy and gross but it makes him happy so whatever
  2. Smoothies-I can literally add anything to make a smoothie and he will drink it. I watch kids at my house part-time and one of them was disgusted that a smoothie I made for him was green. (there was spinach in it) I told him it was a Hulk smash smoothie and he downed it.
  3. Veggies and hummus or ranch dip- carrots, celery, sliced cucumber
  4. Cheese and crackers- he loves to make little sandwiches
  5. Annie’s cheddar bunnies
  6. String cheese
  7. Orange slices
  8. Small crustless sandwiches with cream cheese and shredded carrots
  9. Graham crackers dipped in applesauce
  10. Chocolate rice cakes
  11. Hard-boiled eggs
  12. Dry cereal
  13. Peaches and cottage cheese
  14. Yogurt with granola and fruit on top
  15. Popcorn
  16. Fresh strawberries, blueberries, grapes
  17. Freeze-dried fruit
  18. Frozen yogurt blueberries
  19. Fruit leather
  20. Pretzels
  21. Mini cucumber sandwiches
  22. Babybel cheese
  23. Sliced kiwi
  24. Salami and cheese
  25. Trail mix
  26. Avacado spread on toast


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