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Kid-friendly hiking in Golden,CO

February 20, 2017

This past weekend my family and I ventured up to Golden,CO for some light hiking to soak up that sunshine and get some fresh air. This was the first time we had ventured over this way as I am usually drawn to hiking more northwest than southwest.

We went to North Table Mountain Park and it was added to our list of favorite outdoor family-friendly places!

It was so warm and blue skies at first but like typical foothills weather it quickly changed and became a bit chilly and got very windy. I, of course, did not wear proper attire as always and was freezing by the end of the trip. (Someday I will learn).

It was steep walking up to get to the top but my four year old easily managed it. I even saw a couple families with strollers which I personally would not recommend but it can be done! There are lots of trails to explore and we only walked such a small part of this park. Even still, it took us an hour and a half to get to the top and walk around a bit and walk back down. With a four year old, it’s stop and go pretty much everywhere we go am I right?


always cheesin’ for the camera
water break


blue skies the first part of the hike


huge rock quary
can you spot Nate?

so this picture ^ makes me nauseous just looking at it. Nate decided it was a good idea to walk out on to that rock ledge right there and you cannot tell from this photo but the ledge is only a couple feet wide and probably a 100 ft drop on the other side ! He really knows how to stress me OUT! img_1888This park does have restrooms down by the parking lot which is a huge convenience but I have the bladder the size of a chipmunks so I had to pop a squat next to this ^ guy. TMI? I am a mom. There’s no such thing.img_1894


I think it’s finally time to get new shoes…


SO I think this weekend was another success! We love exploring new places and with so much more we didn’t see here we definitely will be coming back.




After hiking we went into downtown Golden to walk around a bit (they have some really great local shops and boutiques) and I snapped this gem of Liam hangin’ with his new friends




    1. Oh that’s awesome ! Yea actually there is quite a bit ! Dinosaur Ridge and Red Rocks is close by . Both fun places to take the kiddos 🙂

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