DIY Dreamcatcher Doily Wall Decor

February 27, 2017

Lately I have felt this intense need to create. I have been crafting,organizing, decorating… pretty much non-stop since Christmas. This happens often for me but it’s been pretty consistent the past few months! There is this sense of calm that washes over my body the moment I sit down to make something. I use to get stressed sometimes when I would create. I would worry that it wouldn’t turn out perfectly or that I didn’t have all the materials or the funds to finish it…

I am not sure what has changed for me but I have a feeling it’s my whole sense of self that has been the change. I took motherhood so seriously there for awhile and completely lost myself in it. I forgot that creating is what made me, ME. I had that well-known mom guilt if during nap time I wasn’t cleaning, baking, making lists etc. I never took time for myself at all besides a quick bubble bath here and there.

And now my son is four years old and I thank God that I found myself now and not later. I tried many many things to fulfill this emptiness I had for so long  … shopping, attention, volunteering, church events… and I did not even realize that there was something actually missing I thought I was just unhappy. I tried many times to consume myself in something else so to not address the actual issues in my life. I blamed so much of my life on my relationship and was so focused on that being the reason for my discontentment that I didn’t consider that there were other issues. One huge issue it that I am a maker who forgot I needed to create.  The things I make are not “Pinterest perfect” or even close to it but I feel fulfilled whenever I do make anything. And I mean anything! Baking, crafting, making cards, putting up a new gallery wall in my home, taking photos , rearranging my furniture ….

A huge shout-out to Elizabeth Gilbert for writing the book Big Magic which just confirmed my thoughts of what I should be really doing with my time. It is a must-read if you are needing to bring back that creative lifestyle !

So now that I have shouted out to the universe I am back in business creating, let me show you what I made last Thursday….img_2010

I have seen SOO many dreamcatcher-type wall hangings on Instagram and Pinterest lately and it is something I am so on-board with.The amazing thing about being an old lady at heart and loving all things old and vintage… they ALL come back in style ! I still have dreamcatchers from when they were cool in the 90s mmkay? Or were they cool? I don’t know , who cares.  And now that “BOHO” is everywhere and yarn wall hangings and seashells are cool again… I’m beyond stoked because I have always had them! Everywhere !  Crystals?? I still have them from when I had a sweet collection as a kid. OH! And hanging plants with macrame holders and such… I started collecting those years ago from Goodwill and garage sales and actually remember my sister poking fun at me for them because she said it looked like something from the 70s that Grandma had. And now they’re everywhere. SO…. like what you like and don’t follow those silly trends… they will all become trendy once again anyways! 😉

I found three embroidery hoops from Goodwill for $1 and I bought them not honestly knowing what I was going to do with them and then I was staring at one of my vintage doilies I had on my wall shelf and voila ! Lightbulb!

Step #1: Use a fine string to tie each point of the doily to the hoop.img_2011

Step #2: Wrap the hoop with ribbon ( I got this one from the Dollar Tree !)img_2013

Step #3: Hot glue the end piece towards the back of the hoopimg_2014

Step #4: Start looping the different kinds of ribbon or scrap fabric you choose at the bottom of the hoop and continue this step until you have your desired amount of ribbon hanging from your dream catcherimg_2015

img_2016Double your ribbon, slide it under the hoop ….img_2017And pull the ribbon through the loop! Pull tight so the ribbon or yarn lies close to the hoop.img_2018

The beauty of this DIY, like most, is that you can completely customize it to match your room or decor! I did a very simple one with just neutral colors but you can add beads, feathers, flowers, tie knots in the ribbon to add more texture….

img_2019This was the first one I made so I kept it simple but I do plan on making another one soon and I will be adding  more color and interest to it! I have some old gorgeous lace that I am going to make into one of these too and will post photos on my instagram when I do ! img_2023Best part of this project was that it cost me under $5! I did have the doily and most of the ribbon already but even if you had to buy everything this project still would be super cheap.  I used ribbon, yarn, lace, string, and trim for mine. My son calls it the family jellyfish and I think he named it perfectly.



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