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My February favorites 

March 6, 2017
february favorites

I don’t know about you, but I love seeing people’s favorite things every month so I wanted to share my own ! These are products, food, books etc that I loved and used all month long ….

1. This popcorn! It is seriously so amazing I went through like 4 boxes ! Normally I stay away from microwave popcorn and just pop some kernels on the stove but this caught my eye at Target and I became a bit obsessed. You make it in the microwave but what’s different about this one is that after you pop it you add the Sunflower oil packet and shake then you add the second packet which is the butter and sea salt and shake again . It turned out perfectly ! There is no nasty checmial or plastic coating on the bag, it’s non-gmo popcorn and no preservatives. I love that it’s faster and less messy than popping corn on the stove but I don’t feel guilty serving it to my kiddo.

Family movie night with of course-popcorn!

2. The Body Shop’s skincare products have always been a favorite of mine but their more recent line “Drops of Youth” is just addictive.  Twice a week I use the Nutriganics foaming facial wash, pat my face dry, then apply the youth liquid peel. This peel is the SH*T. Using two fingers gently massage the product into your skin and as you are doing that, tiny balls of dirt and gunk start to form as the product pulls out the nasty stuff from your pores. The first time I used it I was almost Nauseous from how much junk came out of my skin! Then after washing the peel off I use the Drops of Youth concentrate serum. I let that sink into my skin for a couple minit s and then finish with the Drops of Youth cream. I love this Moisturizer because it is very light and not greasy at all but still really hydrates my skin and it’s kind of buildable. Mornings that I wake up and my skin is just hating this Colorado dry air I put two layers of the moisturizer on.

3. This bench from IKEA! Ok so most people are like “um, cool… it’s just a bench?” But I have been looking for a small wood bench JUST like this for my entryway for months. Best part was that it was only $34!it says $39 online but it was $34 I’m almost positive at our store.  I love the natural wood color and it’s a real solid piece of furniture unlike some IKEA pieces. I got this adorable spring pillow for $5 in the dollar section of Target and it’s just perfect. (I may be a little early with the spring decor but oh well) With such a small space I was so limited to what I could fit here so I’m just pumped I found the perfect bench! 

4. Traditional Medicinals Everyday Detox with Lemon has been my new daily tea. I’ve been really loving it because the lemon sweetens it up so need for sugar or honey. I try to drink it before I eat breakfast and I feel it’s helping me digest my food a bit more and I’m feeling less bloated after the first meal of the day 

5.Maybelline The Blushed Nudes pallet is pretty much my every day eyeshadow. Every. Single. Color. of this pallet is beautiful. Easy and smooth to apply and with my eye primer (which I’ll be talking about in my “get ready with me ” post next week ) is stays ALL day. 

6. We LOVE tracing books and love them even more if they are able to wipe clean and re-use! I found this gem at one of our favorite places in Denver- BookBar. They have happy hour story times there which is just genius and we love sitting outside by the fire at night while munching on yummy appetizers. Liam was really excited when we brought this one home and has been working on it every day ! What’s unique about this book is that on the left side of the book you can first trace each letter with their finger and then they can trace and practice writing it with the marker on the other page. It has bright  colors but is not too busy and distracting with lots of pictures either. It was a good price too-$9.99

7. Ok I have another Body Shop product I’ve been using all month and I have to share because I love it so much ! The British Rose Exfoliating bar soap smells sooo good and makes my skin super soft ! I can’t wait to try the rest of the British Rose line because it just smells that good . You can find it Here

8. I make smoothies almost daily and I usually just use whatever I have in the house and throw it into the blender (tip:adding a banana and some vanilla yogurt always makes the perfect smoothie!) I came across this Simply Balanced acai berry purée in the freezer aisle at Target and had to try it. It comes with four 2 ounce packets and you just run a packet under warm water to de-thaw before adding it to the blender ! The tart berry always tastes great in a smoothie. My favorite “recipe” lately is a banana, vanilla yogurt , some soy milk, a packet of the acai berries, about half a cup of frozen sliced strawberries and about 3/4 cup of frozen sliced peaches. Throw in some chia seeds and voila! Perfect smoothie. 
Well that’s all for my favorites from February… I hope you all have a relaxing stress-free rest of your day !

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