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Hazelnut Soy Mocha using the Ninja Coffe Bar

May 19, 2017
Hazelnut Soy Mocha

A couple months ago we bought this Ninja Coffee Bar and I’ve been playing barista again! I actually miss working in coffee shops … but I don’t miss the pay and long hours!

Though it’s really not a true espresso machine at all , it makes decent coffee for the price . It is very user-friendly and easy to use. Ours also came with a recipe book which is neat! I haven’t tried any of them yet but I will be trying out some of the iced coffee drinks here soon.

I wanted to share one of the drinks I’ve been making myself lately as I think it is just about perfect ! I use Dove hot chocolate mix for the mocha but I’m sure you can use any other brand. I’ve tried it with both soy milk and almond milk and personally prefer it with the soy. I also tried the Torani Sugar Free Hazelnut Syrup and I do prefer the regular sugar-filled stuff but I’m trying to not have so much sugar in the AMs lately.

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hazelnut soy mocha

You will need :

  1. Coffee grounds of your choice (I like Bustelo for this recipe)
  2. Dove hot chocolate powder
  3. Hazelnut syrup
  4. Soy milk

Directions :

I usually use the “specialty ” (4 oz) setting for the mocha but you can use the cafe forte setting (8oz), you just need less milk.



So for either one of those settings I use two large scoops of coffee. (The coffee bar comes with this handy scoop and I love that it sticks to the side of the machine so I won’t ever lose it !)




Then while that is brewing I take About 1/2 C of soy milk and heat that up in the microwave. Using a glass measuring cup is the easiest for this step !  I hit the “beverage” button on my microwave and it heats it to the perfect temp! But I’m guessing 30-45 seconds would do it if you don’t have that setting on your microwave. Or if you don’t have a microwave (we didn’t for years) you can just heat that up in a pot on your stove. Be careful not to burn it though !



Please don’t judge my dirty microwave ! haha



When the coffee is done brewing I take 2 Tbs of the chocolate powder and mix that in to the coffee.  You can most definitely add more but I don’t like mine too sweet. Then I add half a shot glass of the hazelnut syrup and swirl it around.




At this time the milk will be done heating in the microwave and I froth it up just a bit using the frother on the side of the coffee maker. This is very easy to do … you basically just stick the mug with the milk up to the frother and while holding the button you move it up and down. I hope that makes sense !

I pour the frothy soy milk on top and voila !


Hazelnut Soy Mocha


It is sooo good and those chilly mornings we are still having here in Colorado make this drink so perfect and cozy.

Hazelnut Soy Mocha


And there you have it ! A creamy, nutty chocolatey hot drink that you can make every day ! Enjoy!



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  1. That looks delicious! I’m a coffee drinker and am always looking for new ideas for coffee drinks. The only draw back for me not making this right now, is that I don’t own a ninja coffee bar. 🙁

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