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A Fall Afternoon at the Denver Zoo + My Momiform This Season

November 8, 2017

We bought  a membership at the Denver Zoo again because we go so often. We usually spontaneously head down to the zoo late afternoons/ early evenings and there tends to be way less people. Even if we only go to see one exhibit or play in one area, it’s worth it if you have the membership. I have three favorites that I Just have to see every time I go…

1.The elephants because they are my favorite animal. I could list my reasons for this, but that would be boring. No one cares.

2. The indoor exhibit that looks like a jungle because while everyone else is taking photos of the animals I am the crazy plant lady snapping picks of the different leaves.

3. The porcupine that I just want to take home and be best friends with.  This porcupine (no photos because I just couldn’t stop saying “awwww!” the whole time) puts his hands up to the glass to touch yours. He smiles, I swear. And he just wants to be loved !  Did you know porcupines can’t “shoot” out their quills?? They can come off easily but no rocketing them at their enemies. Darn. 

My second favorite is the new female otter they have. They are going to be mating her with the male that is usually in that exhibit and I am pretty excited to see some otter babies.

They also have a new tiger exhibit called The Edge that is pretty amazing. It has connecting bridges that allow the tigers to walk right over guests’ heads, and a viewing area with a perforated wall that gets you right up close and personal with these magnificent creatures! The exhibit is on over an acre of land so the tigers got double the space they had before.     Denver Zoo

Denver Zoo
He tells me to look at the camera and smile and I just can’t look away from the elephants ! Sorry not sorry.

Denver Zoo

This big guy was adored by everyone watching him do flips and tricks.
Denver Zoo
He weighs 55 POUNDS people! But he is still my baby so I will hold him as often as I can. Or at least until I throw my back out.


Denver Zoo
Can we take a second to admire the back details of this sweater?!


Denver Zoo
Confession: Liam hates carousel rides. They freak him out. But I make him go because I absolutely love them ! He ends up laughing and loving it every time , so I am not that mean. He just starts to lose it in the beginning.


Denver Zoo
Liam striking a crazy Spiderman pose.
Denver Zoo
Me and my coffee and Liam and his snacks. This is us.
Proof of being a crazy plant lady. That photo is my phone wallpaper now.
Denver Zoo
Still got our coffee and snacks. Life is good.

My “momiform” lately has been skinny jeans, mules, and an oversized sweater. Oh, and can’t forget that ponytail. I look for only TWO THINGS when shopping for clothes now.

  1. Is it comfortable
  2. Do I have confidence when I wear this

That is it. Seems so simple, right? Well for YEARS I have bought clothes that just do not make me feel great. I know a lot of mommas out there can relate. This is just one of those outfits I can throw on before running out the door to drop my son off at preschool or grabbing a last minute dinner with friends. It is effortless, comfortable and I feel like myself when wearing it. If you have heard me gush about these mules already, I am sorry. Actually, no I am not. These mules are just too cute and comfortable. I wore these walking around the zoo for 3 hours and my feet did not hurt! MIRACLE! AND they are only $30! To shop my look … ( My exact jeans are no longer sold but I listed a few that are very similar)

I hope you enjoyed our quick little adventure. I am hoping to blog more of these little outings we go on every week. I know that these are the days that I will want back. I know that in 10 years I will be wishing that I had taken more photos and written this stuff down.
Until next time..
Have a beautiful day !
New Momma Survival

  1. Looks like a great way to spend you day with your “little” baby! I will carry my daughter till she says othervise! Hopefully not in a couple of years! Like youe son, I dont like the carousel because it makes my head spin and all it does is go round and round.

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