Floral Maxi Dress + Chambray Shirt

February 26, 2018

Last Sunday afternoon we walked around one of my favorite areas in Denver, South Broadway between 1st and Maple street. (Gonna let you in on a secret: one of the  best Goodwill’s is right there! I have found some SERIOUSLY amazing pieces there) Its a fun area to shop around in. There are thrift stores and bookstores, restaurants, ice cream and cute little boutiques. I usually bring visitors from out of town to that area if they like to shop.

So the weather here in Denver is weird… 70 and sunny and then the next day 14 degrees and snow. At first when I had moved out to CO, this drove me crazy! I never knew what to wear and as soon as I would put away all my winter clothes in the basement, it would snow again! Now after living here for over 6 years, I have come to enjoy it. Its like we get these little sneak peaks of Spring all Winter long but still get to enjoy the beauty and wonder of crisp white snow. I think we get the best of both worlds ! Plus, one day I can be rocking a Spring floral dress like this and then the next day put on my chunky knit sweater and beanie.

floral maxi dress

Though it was still a little too chilly that day to wear this dress, I did anyways because I layered my favorite chambray shirt over it which gave me just enough warmth on my arms to keep me comfortable. I wore my favorite (and most comfortable) black booties and bam! I was put together. (no on would have guessed that I sat in Pjs all morning until I threw this dress on).

I love maxi dresses for a few reasons that I think all women can relate to:

  1. It’s long enough to keep my legs warm when it’s still a little chilly out
  2. It’s long enough to cover up the Chewbaca amount of hair I let grow out on my legs this Winter
  3. It is ridiculously comfortable and flattering. Buffet brunch? No problem. Let that food baby grow under this loose dress.
  4. I don’t have to worry about putting an outfit together. It’s good-to-go on its own.
  5. This one has POCKETS. ‘Nuff said.

floral maxi dress

I just tied this chambray shirt around my natural waist line. It gave the dress a whole new look. I was comfortable and felt put together. The only two things I look for in an outfit.

floral maxi dress


floral maxi dress


floral maxi dress


floral maxi dress


floral maxi dress


floral maxi dress

Dress// PinkBlush (c/o)

Chambray shirt// J.Crew

Booties// Dr. Sholl’s (similar)

Moonstone Necklace//Kris Nations

*Thank you to PinkBlush for sending me this dress! All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links. To read my full disclosure click here. 

Do you love maxi dresses? What is your favorite way to wear them? Let me know down in the comments!

Have a beautiful day!



  1. Love how you styled that chambray! Sometimes I struggle with how to wear mine because I’m not sure I can pull off the chambray + jeans combo and I get stuck!

  2. Yes, I LOVE maxi dressss. It was basically all I wore when I was pregnant in the summer. I still felt “cute”, but also was so comfortable.

  3. Such a cute, easy idea! I’m obsessed with maxi dresses and because they’re great all year for almost every occasion. And pockets?! Winning!

  4. such a fun patterned dress – and I love a chambray shirt layered with anything – it’s one of my major staple pieces in my wardrobe

  5. I love the floral and the ease. You can dress it down, or dress it up, plus all your points make perfect sense (including the one with Chewbaca =) xo

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