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DIY Lavender Detox Bath-in-a-Jar

March 21, 2018
DIY lavender detox bath

Every couple of months I make a large jar of detox bath that I have sitting on a shelf near my bathtub. I keep everything I need for a DIY detox bath right in the bathroom for convenience. I like to make a small jar or two extra to give as gifts. These are perfect for out-of-town visitors, teachers, neighbors, Mothers Day etc. I usually make little labels with instructions and tie a little ribbon around the top.

Most of us have heard of detox baths and how beneficial they can be. But for anyone who is new to detox baths, here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Draws out toxins
  • Helps soothe any skin irritation you may have
  • Eases aches and pains
  • Can help promote relaxation and help with insomnia
  • Help Tired swollen feet

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I use this detox at least once a week. I find that it not only keeps my skin soft and my body less achy and relaxed, but I always feel full of energy and revived the next morning. I like taking these detox baths right before bed as they make me very sleepy and relaxed. Sometimes I add ginger, and usually add a little shot of apple cider vinegar and sometimes even rose petals off my rose bush in summer months.



A few things I always keep stocked in my house: epsom salt, baking soda, apple cider vinegar, and empty glass jars. Every time I buy a jar of spaghetti or jam I check to see if the bottle is a fun one to keep. I soak the jars in hot soapy water over night and then peel off the rest of the label the next day. I then add that pretty jar to my ever-growing collection. I use glass jars for SO much! They hold and sort all of Liam’s craft and art supplies, they hold my cosmetics and I use them as decorations all over the house. Plus, every Christmas I give out a few neighbor gifts and having glass jars on hand for last-minute gifts is just brilliant. I’ll fill them with red and green M&Ms or a cookie mix, add a cute label and ribbon… and voila!

This time I used a 14 oz old coconut oil jar and it fit perfectly to the top!


  • 2 C
  • 1 1/2 C
  • 1/4 C dried
  • 6 drops Lavender essential oil
  • splash of Vitamin E Oil



I mix all the ingredients in a large bowl and then using a large funnel to pour it into the glass jar.

I sometimes will spray paint the lid of the jar but this time I just tied a ribbon around the top with a little wooden scoop.



Buying large bags of baking soda and epsom salts (I get mine from Costco) and apple cider vinegar are much more cost efficient and you will have less waste. Buying in bulk is usually the way to go when making these types of DIY beauty and wellness items. You can also find large bags of epsom salts online at Amazon for a good price.

DIY lavender detox bath

The smell is divine (if you like lavender, of course) and it is such a simple and pretty gift!

You can use double sided tape to adhere the label right on the jar. Tie a to the jar with a ribbon and you can skip wrapping it and give as a gift as-is.

To print the gift tag click here.


For more essential oil recipes check out my other post: Margarita Make and Take Party

Do you take a weekly detox bath ? What are your favorite detox bath recipes? I would love to know in the comments !

Have a beautiful day !


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  1. I’ve used epsom salt in my bath’s for a long time, but this sounds amazing! I think I’d reap more benefits from adding more than just the salt to the tub after reading your article! Thanks for the info!

    1. Epsom salts for sure have so many benefits just on their own ! Add in some lavender to help calm and the vitamin E oil to soften skin and it becomes a spa 😁

  2. I love this idea!! Your instructions were easy to follow and I love the idea of adding ginger or Apple Cider Vinegar to the bath. I’m going to try to make this for some mother’s day and birthday gifts. Pinning for future reference – Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. What a great gift idea as well as being something that you can really enjoy for yourself. It looks quite simple to put together so I feel confident this is something I could do quite well. I look forward to giving it a go!

  4. Seriously this post is perfect! I just made bath bombs and totally messed them up!! I decided that bath salts with be a much better idea, so your post is perfect! I saved it to my Pinterest. Going to try for sure!
    Also love the label and jar is so cute.

    1. I tried and failed at those too 😂 mine just kind of fell apart ! I hope you like them !! I love bath salts ❤️

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