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May 4, 2018

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Have you ever wondered how to screen print at home? Do you want to create custom shirts or cards but think the investment is too costly? I had always wanted to try screen printing but thought it was quite expensive to start up. It wasn’t until I found Screen Sensations that I was able to create prints at home, and the possibilities are really endless with all the options of screens and colors for ink.

I have been busy creating and practicing on different materials and am quite happy with how the last couple projects have turned out.

With the Screen Sensations starter kit at just $107.89 you get all the basics to start printing.

screen print at home

What’s in the kit:

  • Frame, featuring 24cm square aperture.
  • Squeegee, specifically sized to the screen ensuring you get an even coverage across the whole of your design.
  • Palette Knife, perfectly shaped to allow you to transfer your chosen ink directly from the Ink Pot or Mixing Bowl to the surface of your screen. (This helps to eliminate wasting that precious ink!)
  • Mixing Bowl shaped to allow you to easily mix and thin down your inks and then transfer to the surface of your screen.  The bowl also collapses for easy storage.
  • Easy to follow directions plus video tutorials on their YouTube channel

You can also make your own design! Screen Sensation makes a Create Your Own Screen kit that allows you to cut a design with scissors, a craft knife, dies or an electronic cutting machine from the self-adhesive yellow art sheets. The positive or the negative can then be adhered to the back of the blank mesh screen to allow you to create your own custom screen printing screen. I will be ordering one of those soon to design my own shirts!

Check out their Pinterest page for ideas and inspiration. They have tutorials for screen printing pillows, shirts, gift tags, lamp shades, bags, hats and more. It makes me really want to start creating more when scrolling through the ideas.

I decided I wanted to make my mother and mother-in-law some screen printed gift bags instead of using a paper bag that would just get thrown away. I filled the bag with small gifts and made a matching card to go with it. I tied a simple ribbon around the handle of the tote to add a little more, and I really love how they turned out!

How To Screen Print a canvas tote:

Lay down old newspapers or use an old table. I have a large cork board that I just flipped over to have a hard smooth surface to work on. It can get messy, so wear old clothes, too!

1. Attach your screen to the frame:

Most screens are reversible with the exception of screens that have numbers or letters. One side of the frame has the Screen Sensation logo printed on it. This is the side of the frame you attach the screen to. The frame has noticed corners where you feed it into the Screen Sensation. Using the Fixing Tape, tape your screen to the frame on all four sides. Make sure the screen is pulled taught. You can peel up the corners and pull and re-stick the tape easily if you need to pull it tighter.

screen print at home


screen print at home
(This screen is still covered in black ink from just finishing a project)

2. Feed the screen into your Screen Sensation…

Notched corners first, making sure the taped side is facing the inside of the unit. The curved handles of the Screen Sensation should be on the top and bottom right corners.

I recommend practicing a few times on paper before trying fabric. It does take some time to get the amount of ink just right.

3. Close the lid of the Screen Sensation down to the paper.

screen print at home

4. Stir your ink in the pot with the mixing stick provided

5.Place an even line of ink along the top of the screen, near the edge of the frame.

screen print at home

6. Place the squeegee at a 45 degree angle to ensure if glides smoothly over the screen. Draw the ink from the top to the bottom of the design with a light, even pressure.

7.Use the palette knife to slide the extra ink off your squeegee and back into the pot.

8. Carefully lift the frame to reveal your finished product!

After some practice on paper, you can move on to screen printing a canvas bag.

Smooth out the bag and line it up with where you want your image to be placed.

Bulky fabric like this is a bit tricky but the key is to get the screen as flat as possible. Repeat the above steps, taking your time. I rushed the first shirt I made and it didn’t turn out.

** I really recommend practicing on old shirts first before buying t-shirts or bags to print. **

screen print at home


screen print at home



screen print at home

I just used single colors on my bags, but you can use multiple colors. The tutorials on their website and YouTube channel are great resources for mastering those projects.

There is something so relaxing about screen printing and then instantly satisfying to see the finished project! I am going to be trying different materials and practicing more to perfect my screen printing.

If you like a design but only parts of it, you can also block off certain areas of the screen by taping a piece of card stock

More screen printed Mother’s Day/ Teacher’s gift ideas :

  1. Printing on a linen apron ( you can find these at Joann’s and Michaels.)
  2. Screen print a pillow
  3. Print on a thick card-stock and frame it for the perfect wall art.
  4. Good at sewing? You can screen print on fabric and then make a small cosmetics bag!
  5. Gift card or note set with envelopes in a pretty box.

I made a matching card to go with it and really love how they turned out. I had some scrapbook paper with a light, simple pattern and then following the above steps, printed the butterflies across the paper. I folded and cut the card to fit an envelope.


I also made myself this tank top that I am completely obsessed with!


screen print at home

I will be ordering the Make It Yourself Kit soon to draw my own designs. I have so many ideas! I hope this post gave you some inspiration and motivation to start screen print at home yourself. Let me know if you have any questions or any suggestions for projects!

You can use my unique discount code: SSBL25-RTAGV for 25% off any Screen Sensation purchase!

Have a beautiful day!

New Momma Survival

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