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Our Engagement Story

August 13, 2018

On our recent trip to Portland, we had a plan to meet up with our friend Ericka, who is a photographer, to get some photos for the blog. I wanted to show off this beautiful dress from my friend Danielle’s new online clothing boutique. After some time of taking photos around the gorgeous Rose Test Garden, Ericka told us to head over to a bench to take some shots sitting down. I plop down and pat the seat next to me because Nate is just standing there with this huge smile. He gets down on one knee and pulls a little black box out from his pocket. I literally almost pass out. He is kneeling there next to me, holding this ring and I just feel my face turning red, tears swelling up, and my heart is RACING.

That week was our seven year anniversary, and I was READY for this, guys. I have wanted to marry this man for a very, very long time.  I was so overwhelmed with emotions and joy that I didn’t notice the dozen tourists clapping and taking photos of us in the gardens.

Nate is a man of few words and simply asked “Will you marry me?” I think I said yes, I don’t even remember. I just remember almost shouting “Well put it on already!”  Ericka was of course in on the plan and had suggested we bring some champagne for the photo shoot. I don’t turn down a reason to pop some bubbly so we brought a bottle and some glasses. It turned out perfectly and Nate was thrilled to have a drink to celebrate. He had been acting so strange on our trip, and it was because he was so nervous about proposing!


Photos by Ericka Nicole Photography



For those that have been asking, no we have not set a date just yet. We are looking at September of 2019 but we have a lot going on, so who knows!


It was all perfect. The golden hour sunset, the roses, the ring, the proposal… I am so thankful that this special moment was captured and that I will forever have these photos to look back on this beautiful day. Thank you Ericka for capturing these memories for us!


Seven years of dating, moving across the country, having a baby, moving five times, and always finding each other through all the trials and hard times. Nathan is the love of my life, the rock I need when I get in my own head, my comedian, and the best father. We have grown so much together and I am just so excited to finally marry this man!

Dress: Bella Magari 

Ring: Custom made

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