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December 11, 2018

I am so excited to finally share the big news! Our little family has packed our house and we are moving to Whitefish, Montana!

Why Montana??

If you have been following New Momma Survival for awhile, you know my in-laws bought a beautiful ranch in MT last year. The first time I visited last summer, I thought it was beautiful but never saw myself there. Then we visited again for Christmas and I fell in-love. As a child all I dreamed of was moving to a place that had no snow and the sea. But seeing the blanket of white snow, the horses walking in the distance, and the cleanest crisp air I had ever smelled…. I fell head over heels for winter for the first time in my life. Normally I am a stay-inside-most-of-winter kinda gal. But when I was there, I had this energy and yearning to go out and explore. The cold didn’t seem to bother me (the baileys in my coffee always helped) and I could feel this pull to be there. To stay.Christmas Cards + MOVING ANNOUNCEMENT

The third time we went to MT was this past summer, during our 2 week road trip. I was starting to really see myself there. To see our family there. I wanted this slower lifestyle. I needed to be closer to nature and to be near family. Everywhere we went we chatted with friendly locals, took in the gorgeous views, and was always surprised at the checkout when there was no tax on the bill!

This Summer we decided that Montana is where our next adventure goes. I am both extremely excited and nervous.Christmas Cards + MOVING ANNOUNCEMENT

Why are we leaving CO?

Denver is home, and has been for 7 years. Nate and I moved out here with just a couple of suitcases and a dream of a fresh start. (Read this post where I share more about our story!) We have made life-long friends, had our son here, and built a life together from nothing.

I will miss CO like crazy and will be back to visit often. A piece of my heart will always belong to Denver! Truth be told, we had no idea Denver would grow like it has the past 5 years. Traffic, cost of living, the lines at every store… it was getting old. When we had first moved here, we went to the mountains every weekend. Now you have to leave by 7 AM so you aren’t stuck in traffic. Rarely do we go on a trail without seeing a dozen or more people.  Our once-loved bike trail near our home has become a homeless hangout. You can’t stop change, and the growth of this city I love is not all bad, but it just doesn’t fit us anymore.

The beginning of this year we tried to buy a home, only to be outbid by cash offers coming in above asking price. It was so frustrating and heart-breaking because we just wanted to settle in and get out of the rental shenanigans. Now I know it was a blessing that we never found a house!Christmas Cards + MOVING ANNOUNCEMENT

This year our Christmas cards played double-duty by also sharing our moving announcement to friends and family! I found the perfect cards at!

They have SO many options for cute holiday cards, it took me forever just to choose. Here are some more Christmas moving announcements I adore!

If you have any questions, you can just click on the “chat now” message on their website and ask away!

My favorite thing about Purple Trail is that they offer a mailing service, saving me so much time! You can choose for them to mail all your cards for you or just partial, having some come to you. They print, stuff, and stamp your cards for you! (And the cost of stamp is included). This is the best option for busy mothers. You can have some delivered and some shipped to your house to hand deliver to your neighbors, teachers, etc.

When I receive cards in the mail, the little details always catch my eye. A cute sticker, a fun address label… I just love it! It takes little to no effort to add some extra love to your holiday cards this year, especially with Purple Trail.

You can add on personalized return address labels to match the theme of your cards. You can personalize your envelopes and even add beautiful envelope liners! The customization options with PurpleTrail are endless.Christmas Cards + MOVING ANNOUNCEMENT

I just adore how our holiday moving announcement cards turned out!

I can’t wait to mail these out to all our friends and family!

(I blurred out my full address of course!)






I have dreams for our little acre of land and cannot wait to get out there and start planning my garden and building a chicken coop in the Spring!Nate and I grew up in a small rural town where we could run around with our friends and ride our bikes for miles. My friends and I played in an abandoned silo in the cornfield behind my house and we didn’t come home until dark every day in the Summer. We climbed trees, built forts, got dirty and spent our days outside, year-round. We are so excited for Liam to have the same room to roam and grow as we did!

I want to thank YOU for helping us get here. For everyone who has ever supported us and New Momma Survival. I hope you all have the very best Christmas and


Make sure you follow along as we embark on this new journey!



Thank you to Purple Trail for gifting me this beautiful Christmas cards!





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