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Home Organization Checklists +Printables

February 8, 2019

Let’s get organized for 2019! I am feeling the itch to get ORGANIZED! We recently bought our first house and I just realized that half of what I quickly unpacked when we first got here is really not working out. It definitely takes time to find the most functioning place for some items. So while I am getting my new home organized, I wanted to make a few new home organization checklists and printables to help you get organized too!

The weekly menu and shopping list is perfect to laminate so you can use it over and over. (or you can slide it into a sheet protector) Hang this up on your fridge so your whole family can see what’s for dinner and what is needed from the grocery store! If you don’t laminate this one, you can throw it in your purse and check off the items as you shop.

I have a large cork board next to my desk that I made into a vision board, perfect to hang a clipboard and one of my checklists!

The weekly calendar is blank to jot down your plans and weekly tasks. I like having this up on the fridge too so everyone in the family knows what is going on each week.

Last is the daily quick clean checklist. I made this for anyone who is overwhelmed with the more detailed list list I made here. It is so satisfying checking off a list! So even if all you did today was your daily quick clean checklist, I promise you will feel accomplished. Don’t you love seeing a bunch of tasks checked off the to-do list?! And this one is pretty enough to hang on the fridge or your command center. I recommend laminating this one as well so you can continue to use it over and over. I like to print on card-stock and then laminate, for extra durability.

To get your free printables click here!

  1. I’m so glad there is another person out there that loves lists! Now that I’m back at work, I feel like I’m running around with head cut off most days. I printed the cleaning printable out, I’m going to deep clean before winter comes!

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