Mother’s Day Gift Basket For Only $10

April 25, 2019

You all know I love a good gift basket, but I love an affordable one even more! I saw so many cute items at the Dollar Tree the other day, I wanted to share this simple mother’s day gift basket idea I put together.

The whole basket was under $10 and if you don’t need to buy ribbon, that would save you another buck! I actually used filler that I already had, but the Dollar Tree has this crinkle paper filler in the party section.

mother's day gift basket

In the basket:

  1. Coconut and oatmeal soap- I took it out of the box and tied a piece of twin around it.
  2. A cute pen. This came in a 3-pack! I love items like this because you can split them up and use them for multiple gifts. I will be gifting one of the pens to my son’s teacher in a cute end-of-the-year gift basket!
  3. The candle section really seems to vary at the Dollar Tree but these gorgeous blue glass candles with cork lids are my current favorite. They look like an item from Target! They even have a few soy candles now!
  4. Magnetic list pads are the best. I use these for grocery shopping lists, writing notes to my son’s teacher, and keeping one in my purse for my kiddo to doodle on at restaurants. This cactus print pad was too cute to pass up!
  5. I was hesitant on buying face masks from the dollar store, but I tried this retinol mask out and I am happy to report it is fantastic ! The price can’t be beat when you get two in a box for a dollar.
  6. Mother’s Day just can’t go without a handmade touch in our family. My son finger painted this wood frame and we printed off a photo of him to place inside.
  7. Pirouline dark chocolate… need I say more??
  8. Did you know the Dollar Store will often have name-brand products?? I am not a name-brand snob by any means, but with my sensitive skin (and my son’s) we usually stay away from cheap beauty products. But this Dove nourishing hand cream is gentle on our skin! I never like to gift items I personally wouldn’t use, so this hand cream was a perfect addition to the basket.
  9. Last but not least is the galvanized tin bin that I used as the basket. These are the perfect size for gifting! They don’t take up a ton of space so they could be used as table centerpieces or on your window sill with florals. I will be using mine with a foam block and faux grass (all from the Dollar Tree) to add some Spring vibes to our guest room! (see photo below)
mother's day gift basket

I also love a cute gift tag so I made three free printable tags that you can download and print here here and here.

You can use regular paper and then tape it to a thicker piece of paper or print on card stock or brown paper if you have it. Use a hole punch at the top to string your ribbon through or use double-sided tape to attach it to the front of the bin.

mother's day gift basket

If you are wanting to put the tin IN something for gifting, I say skip the gift bag! I re-use all the gift bags I receive and no one ever cares. But if you don’t have a gift bag already, no need to waste the paper. Head to your local fabric store and pick out a cute print to tie up your gift instead! A bandana or a scarf would work for smaller gifts. Or buy a cute reusable tote (these are usually under $5) That way the gift recipient can use the tote over and over and won’t just throw away a paper bag. Plus, it always has that extra “wow” factor that I shamelessly love!

mother's day gift basket

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