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I am so happy that you are here !

My Mountain Wild is a lifestyle blog for the creative and busy mother that is looking for affordable ways to get organized, get your kids outside, pull an outfit together, and get a quick dinner on the table. This community is about  being accepted exactly how you are, and not just to survive motherhood, but to thrive in this stage of life and still do the things you loved before someone called you Momma. I am working on being more intentional with my life, my purchases, and in my community. Follow along as I embrace my new home here in Montana and start our little adventure of some homesteading!

Everything I do is on a budget, and I want to share with you just how I do it.

How it all started

I was one of those young moms that just could not focus on anything but my child.  I only talked about being a mom and what my son had done that day.

I wore leggings for like 2 years straight. Seriously. And some women are OK with this, and that’s fine. But I was not. I was lonely, depressed, unconfident, and couldn’t really remember what I use to do for fun. When people would ask what my hobbies were before becoming Mom, I would easily list 6 or 7 things off, no problem. When someone asked me a few years after my son was born the same question, I literally couldn’t think of anything.

I liked to camp and hike but would come up with excuses not to go because it would “throw off our schedule”. I would go to these mommy and baby meetup groups and not make an effort to actually make friends. I would even sometimes pretend my baby was fussing just so I could dip out early because I was so out of my comfort zone. And I was NOT this girl. I use to be the girl at every social event that would run up to everyone and introduce myself. I loved getting dressed up and singing and going on road trips. I sang in front of thousands of people and was in theater!

But something happened to me that I think happens to SO many new mothers. I was consumed by it all. I wasn’t doing what I wanted to do. I didn’t look the way I wanted to look. I was miserable.

I donated most of my clothes because I thought I had to “dress like a mom now.” I would obsess over organizing the pantry or the linen closet because I thought stay-at-home moms were “supposed” to do those things.

I got sucked into the unrealistic realm of Pinterest and felt like I was failing in every way.

It wasn’t until I decided to change the way I looked at life until I started to be me again. My friendship, my relationship, my health… it all started to get back to how it was and it was all because I decided to find myself.

I had originally started this blog in 2013 when my son was a baby and I had just moved to CO. I was lonely and honestly just bored being a new stay-at-home mom. So New Momma Survival was born. (I later on re-branded to My Mountain Wild). I wrote about random “New Momma Survival Tips” and then after awhile just gave up. Who was even reading this stuff anyways? Did anyone even care? My one creative outlet already felt like a failure before I had even started.  I had no faith in myself.

I stopped writing and didn’t think about it until January 12th 2016, when I woke up that day and I decided I was going to write a blog post.  2015 was the worst year of my life and it was a new year and I needed a change. My friend Kate and my sister Theresa both had told me several times that I should have a blog. I finally listened and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

This blog has ALL the things rolled into one. I write and share content on what I love and what inspires me. But I write it for you. I write now to reach my audience on a personal level and to connect and build community. This blog is for the mom that has many facets and many roles and many names. I’m here to give you inspiration, ideas, and easy real-life tips tricks and advice.

You are not judged, you are not alone, and you can find yourself again girl.I am not a perfect Pinterest mom. I haves strengths and weaknesses like everyone else and I am just here to remind you that.


We moved here to Denver in 2011 from a tiny town in Illinois and have built a life here from absolutely nothing. We were young and had no obligations so we just packed up and moved out here! You can read more of our crazy story and how it all turned out here.



A little about me…

I like to think of myself as unique but girl I love my coffee and I love my basic B things

Mimosas are my love language

I totally get all one with mother nature and turn full on hippy when I am camping. Getting out of the city is food for my soul

I cuss. And like at inappropriate times. I am working on it.

I love old musty smelly books, have a sweet vinyl collection, and am a bit of a plant lady. I think I just realized I’m a hipster.

I know way too many lyrics from every Disney movie.

I was the only kid in my Kindergarten class that rocked ripped jeans and a white tee with a side pony. See? Damn. I am a hipster.


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