New Momma Survival Is Getting a Makeover!

January 26, 2019

I am so excited and nervous to announce that I am FINALLY rebranding my blog. This is something I have been wanting to do for over a year! It was always intimidating to me and I wasn’t exactly sure the direction I wanted to take.

If you have been following along, you know we just moved from Denver to Whitefish, Montana a week before Christmas. As the boxes are almost all unpacked and we are joyfully settling into our first home and our new town, it is time for a fresh new start.

I have to admit that I find myself day dreaming and staring at the huge evergreens and mountains in the distance daily. I am so inspired to write, create and explore like never before but I have been easily distracted by the beauty of our own backyard. This little space is going to be what I always dreamt it would. I am ready to take the plunge and introduce to you my new blog!

My Mountain Wild

I am no artist by any means, so my logo may be getting tweaked here and there. But it works for now! (Let me know if you see the symbolism in the drawing! It’s not just a random sketch, it has a whole lot of meaning behind it!)

I want to share with families that no matter where you live, you can get outside with your kids. I want to stress the importance of letting your kids explore nature and dig in the dirt, while saving your sanity as I spill my tips that I have learned these past few years. From party-planning and home decorating to trying out gardening for the first time… I will be sharing all things home-related (including some DIY home renovations we plan to tackle over the next couple of years). Follow me on this journey as I learn how to raise chickens, grow vegetables, and make recipes from my harvests.

We are also getting MARRIED this August so I will be sharing that planning process as well. (Think boho chic backyard wedding!) I will still have a focus on supporting small shops and all brands that we love and use on the daily. From bed linens to our favorite camping gear to the best toys and our frequently bought snacks… I love to recommend the best products with you all!

My love for affordable fashion will still be shared, and I want to start a series on YouTube of my thrifting finds and tricks. ( I share my thrift-store finds on Instagram). Stay tuned for a VERY exciting addition to my blog coming this Summer! Hint: It has to do with thrifting!

Join me as we embrace our new mountain life. I want to share what I know and learn from others. I hope to grow a small community of women that are looking to simplify their lives, make it beautiful, and on a budget.

We moved out of the city to slow down but I have so many ideas and so much to share with you all, I think it’s going to be a busy year!

Please stick around, email me with ANY ideas, suggestions, or questions, and THANK YOU for your support!

EVERY comment, share, like etc. helps me grow and keep this blog going. It means so much to me and I love getting to know each and every one of you. This has been a wild ride and I am just so excited to see where The Simple Mountain Life takes us!



I would love to hear from you!